Hello Everyone, I’m back!!!

That break was much needed and I got a chance to rest my arm and get some personal things handled. Gladly I will not be taking any more breaks but I will try to rest my arm more often because arm pain is serious and may be chronic in a long run. I was doing some research and saw that many artists have this problem and some even at some point undergo surgery. To be honest with you guys, I don’t want that because its going to limit my ability to produce work and not to mention corrective surgery is expensive and my health insurance SUCKS. So prevention is key. If you want to know more about Repetitive strain injury (RSI) Thank you all for being patient and don’t forget you can really help me by become a pateron member. Even a $1 counts. Thank you.

By the way, I recently got volunteer editors who assisted with editing strings and time (YAY!) I will switch out pages gradually until its all done. Please feel free to check out my contributor’s page to check them. Thanks guys<3

EDIT: Braylin looks as if he wants to pee in his pants  poor guy.


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