it was embracing drawing this page. cant tell you how many times i had to hide this/ minimize my screen whenever my mother walked by or my sister i feel ashamed lol because part of me enjoyed drawing the cum flowing out of Braylin’s dickokay, enough of the dirty talk haha! I created a Twitch account so i could live stream my drawing session and every thing was all great and dandy after 8 hours of fucking with it. i gave up when i realized my computer was just way too slow to handle it so i cried then got over it so i’m sorry, i’m not sure i will be twitching anytime soon. maybe its a good thing because i feel as if my arm is about to fall off from pain. i am yet to schedule a doctors appointment to see whats going on inside my arm. hopefully its not life threatening lol jk, seriously, i hope its not that serious. anyway, enjoy Braylins flaccid penis on the last panel haha!

EDIT: he had a good wack off!

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