Hello people,

Sorry i randomly changed the background on you so suddenly. the dark themed background was seriously bugging me and i felt it didn’t go very well with the story so i changed it to something bright. i’m a little inconsistent when it comes to color and i really have a hard time blending and mixing color. i will look into some color theory videos and see if that will help a bit. if you have any idea on what color you believe will look good for the website i’m all ears. and, i have also been resting my arm a little bit. it does seem to be early signs of carpal turned syndrom so in order to NOT loose my arm “lol” i need to take it easy because sometimes i feel as if its about to dislocate and fall off “like seriously” no joke thats how bad it hurts at times. well hope you enjoy this page because i “defiantly”, enjoyed drawing it.

EDIT: Braylin can’t get enough of Vel’s Russian accent.  how embracing….



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