Just want to say thank you all for checking out this new work I have started. it wasn’t easy to make the transition because it takes a lot of brainstorming and planning to start a new comic. I know at the moment i bearly have time for anything else and juggling two comics at the same time is something I’m sure i won’t be able to keep up with but i do know one thing, i have a passion for telling stories, sometimes when my head gets overwhelmed and with only having two hands, I tend to write some of those ideas down. this particular story have been in my mind since last year, know knowing how to go about it i decided to put it on the back burner and give myself some time to come up with a very strong story. I believe a BL comic should have more to offer than two people just having at it, there has to be a solid foundation on how the relationship came to be and this comic “Strings and Time”, will engage you because it’s based on real people and real events. Thanks for taking an interest and i hope you enjoy.

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