For a while, we were discouraged. we felt that no one was reading my blog/ news feed so we disable it but I’ve come to realize that it could be actually important. we need readers to be able to have access to whats going on so far and also other things or event that could take place so we made the decision to reactivate it so “YAY”. We will post any changes or upcoming events or random things as well. and we have a new incentive you can check out. this is also a way to show support for S&T and the more you vote the more we move up to top”100″ so every vote counts in this instant.

I’m sure you guys have also noticed the website change for like the “third time”. lol this is because we are trying to find the best color theme that portrays the comic well. we also apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused but be rest assured it will not be an ongoing thing. If you have any questions for us please send us an e mail by clicking on the email icon on the top right-hand corner. thank you.

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